1. Reservation & Booking procedures

  • All monetary amounts are indicated in Euro (€) and are due in Greece, including of VAT, unless otherwise specified. Where the context permits, the singular contains the plural, and vice versa. Clause references refer to the clauses in this contract.

  • The law of Greece will apply to the contract made between you and ourselves.
  • If a person confirms a booking through our online booking form on our website or made the booking through a partner associated with us, they must ensure all person(s) named on the booking form have read and understood these terms and conditions which form the basis of our contract with you. If any person named on this booking form is under 18 years of age at the time of booking then they must obtain the consent of their parent(s) or guardian(s), who must also have read these terms and conditions.

2. Payment & Cancellation Terms & Conditions

  • All cards are accepted. Payment with cash can haven upon arrival on the marina.

  • For private cruises, 30% deposit of the total cruise price, should be made in order to book the sailing yacht (if the booking day is longer than 2 weeks prior the departure day). Two weeks prior the departure day, the rest 70% of the total cruise price, should be paid.

  • For private cruises, cancellation up to 1 week prior the departure day, is fully refunded. There is no refund afterwards

  • For semi-private cruises, in order to reserve a spot, fully payment (100%) of total person’s price, must be made.

  • For semi-private cruises, cancellation up to 48 hours prior the departure time, is fully refunded. There is no refund afterwards

  • SailBliss reserves the right to change or cancel your booking in accordance with operating requirements or circumstances beyond its control.

  • If an alternative is not available or acceptable you will be entitled to either a full refund of monies paid by you to us or transfer to another SailBliss sailing trip without payment of any transfer fee.

  • If the change or cancellation is due to force majeure (i.e. circumstances like political unrest, war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, closure of airports or ports, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemic or health risk, Acts of God, adverse weather conditions or other similar events beyond SailBliss’s control) we will give a full refund of any monies paid to us less reasonable expenses incurred by us in respect of your booking.

  • SailBliss is not responsible for the cost of any other travel arrangements affected due to cancellation or the rescheduling of any holiday.

3. General Policies

  • The information in our website is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of going to print (February, 2024) but we cannot guarantee that any item or amenity mentioned will be available especially where we have no direct control over it.

  • If you purchase a cruise via SailBliss and it is managed by one of our third-party partners, our obligation is limited only to the operation of the bought trip at the period scheduled. However, we maintain continual touch with our partners to guarantee that all of our visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • SailBliss constantly strives to improve trip itineraries and features. If such improvements can be made, or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control make changes necessary, we reserve the right to vary itineraries and to substitute destinations.

  • SailBliss is not responsible for any other travel arrangements affected due to our cancellations.

  • SailBliss vacations are particularly designed for individuals who wish to experience sailing on a SailBliss. As a result, the facilities and activities on a SailBliss holiday are not suited for those who are affected by sea, are unwilling to become part of a sailing crew, and are not in a health and/or physical condition to follow this sort of holiday.

  • Before booking your stay, please notify SailBliss of any medical issues or physical disabilities that require particular attention. If you do not notify us at this time, we may decline to accept your booking. We may also deny you if we believe the trip you have chosen is not appropriate without a fully qualified partner. SailBliss will do our best to assist you with your needs, but we cannot guarantee it, either on our own or on behalf of our providers (such as hotels, restaurants, and excursions).

  • The Company does not employ medical personnel. Any necessary medical attention will be provided by a local facility at the passenger’s expense. The Company is not responsible or liable for any losses or costs incurred as a result of medical services obtained while on trip, or for the quality of the care or services received.

  • While we strive to provide the highest quality food and service on our cruises, we kindly remind you that we cannot assume responsibility for any adverse reactions or health concerns that may arise due to pre-existing food allergies, illnesses, or health conditions. We encourage you to disclose any known allergies or health concerns to our crew beforehand so we can best assist you and recommend appropriate dietary options. Additionally, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before embarking on the cruise to ensure it aligns with your health and well-being. Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities, and we appreciate your understanding.

  • There may be times when the SailBliss Skipper has to make a decision in your best interests or the best interests of their crew. You agree to comply with the authority and decisions of the appointed SailBliss Skipper and the laws of the country in which you are travelling. If you do not so comply or if, in the SailBliss Skipper’s opinion, you are not compatible with the general enjoyment and well being of other members on the holiday or smooth operation of the holiday itself, we reserve the right to refuse to let you continue with the holiday.

  • We will not accept the possession or transportation of illicit or forbidden substances (drugs). Furthermore, you acknowledge that your fellow travellers and any SailBliss employees have the right to travel/work in a safe atmosphere. Any threats to their safety, well-being, or inappropriate conduct on your part, whether verbal or physical, will be regarded very seriously and may result in the immediate end of your trip. In such cases, you will be liable for your own repatriation and associated costs, and you will have no rights against us.

  • Regardless of everything else in this contract, we will not be liable to you for any loss, expenditure, damages, injury, disease, or death if your claim was caused by:

    Any act, omission, or failure by any employee(s), if they were not acting in the course of their employment and carrying out the obligations they were contracted to accomplish with us;

    Any act, omission, or failure by one or more of our suppliers;

    Any act, omission, or failure by you, a person mentioned on your booking form, whether at the time of booking or added later on, or another member of the public who has booked our services for a sailing holiday and is on one of our boats.

    Any incorrect information provided by you or another party on your booking form;

    Any act, omission, or failure of any third part.

  • The Company may, in its sole discretion, deny or remove any passenger who is unable or refuses to comply with the Company’s terms and conditions. The Company is not liable for any fees paid when a passenger is removed from a journey. Passengers agree not to hold the Company or any of its connected companies accountable for any acts performed in accordance with these terms and conditions.

  • It is your obligation to have a valid passport, any visas, permits, and certifications required for your chosen trip before to departure, as well as any essential vaccinations, and to follow all applicable regulations. SailBliss is not liable for any expenditures spent as a result of failing to secure the required visas. Any expenditures related to acquiring, replacing, or changing visas while on the trip (including lodging, meals, flights, and transfers incurred owing to any delays) are at your own responsibility..

  • In the case that you withdraw from a holiday after it begins due to sickness, you must get a medical certificate to support any insurance claim. No reimbursements will be issued for any absence from the trip.

  • Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for snow or weather conditions, nor can any holiday be cancelled or amended by you at any time on the basis of snow or weather conditions.

  • We shall not be in violation of this contract if the breach is caused by anything unexpected and beyond our control. As a result, we will not be liable for any act, omission, or failure under this contract if it was caused by circumstances beyond our, our employees’, or our suppliers’ reasonable control, such as civil disruption, industrial disputes, terrorism, war, extreme weather conditions, fire, or natural disasters.